Growing Native Launch New Website

“Native trees are under increasing threat to from pests and diseases newly imported on plant material. The value of trees cultivated from locally sourced seed to minimise risk can no longer be over-stated. The Tree Council welcomes the refresh of this website, which we hope will encourage many more people to set up a local tree nursery and grow a future for our landscape” – Jon Stokes, Directer of Programs for The Tree Council.

Friends of Priors Hill Copse and The Tree Council

Growing Native started in 1989, when Dick Walter’s journey into the world of trees and conservation began with him volunteering in The Tree Council’s national Tree Warden Scheme, which resulted in him becoming a Tree Warden. Little did he know what a life changing learning journey it was going to be!

The new Growing Native site has a comprehensive guide to the trees and wildflowers of the New Forest, along with book recommends, upcoming events, a gallery of previous events and conservation works, and much more. Check it out here –












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