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Bliss Aviation Launch New Website

Bliss Aviation have launched their new, fresh-faced website, to further serve the UK’s flying enthusiasts. Bliss, based at Bournemouth Airport, was established in June 1994 by Gary Ellson who, following a career in the Coastguard Agency, came for a trial lesson which led to not only his gaining a helicopter licence, but also the ownership of a training school.

Bliss soon established itself as the South of England’s premier flying school, providing trial lessons and quality flight training to Private Pilot Licence (PPL) level. Whether you wish to fly for pleasure or become a fully qualified commercial pilot, Bliss are your first step.

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The Private Pilot’s Licence

Gaining a PPL is a hugely rewarding experience and is fun, not just for yourself but family and friends who can share the thrill of flying.

Aeroplanes PPL(A)

Bliss’s approved course of training consists of 19 flight exercises covering everything from basic handling to navigation and emergencies. To apply for your PPL, you must complete at least 45 hours flight time as a pilot of aeroplanes. Read more

Helicopters PPL(H)

The Private Pilot’s Licence enables you to fly as pilot for recreational purposes during daylight hours. To gain this licence you’ll need to achieve 45 hours of flight time by following an approved course of training, which consists of 27 flight exercises covering everything from basic handling to navigation and emergencies. Read more

Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence

As well as passing the Communications Theoretical Test, students will also be examined on their practical radio operation during the PPL licence flight test. In addition, pilots who intend to operate radiotelephony equipment in the air will require an FRTOL.

The FRTOL is a separate licence to the PPL licence and requires an additional oral communication practical test. In practice this FRTOL test will come near the end of your training and consists of an evening of practical tuition followed by the test itself.

UK Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) Rating

IMC stands for ‘instrument meteorological conditions’ which refers to the difficult weather conditions that reduce external references that a pilot normally uses to help them fly, for instance when flying in cloud. Special skills are required for a pilot to safely fly in low visibility or in cloud.

Night Qualification

If you thought flying in the daytime was spectacular, wait until you see the world at night. It’s a totally different experience, and watching the sun disappear over the horizon whilst airborne is a special sight within your reach.

The Private Pilot Licence on its own doesn’t afford you the privilege of flying at night, so a Night Qualification must be added to your licence to allow this. The Night Qualification consists of 5 hours flight training, which includes dual instruction and a solo circuit session. Dual Instruction covers familiarization, local area flying, circuits and night navigation.

Flying Companions Course

The Flying Companions Course is for those who are not pilots but are or will be flying regularly in light aircraft as a passenger. The syllabus requires 5 hours ground school and 10 hours dual flight instruction.

Type Rating Training

Bliss Aviation are a registered ATO (Approved Training Organisation) offering helicopter type ratings for the Schweizer 300, Robinson R44 and EC120. The type rating can be conducted immediately after the completion of a PPL (H). Bliss have a structured syllabus available on each type of aircraft and each course will also include between 5-10 hours of ground school.


Piper PA28 Warrior II

Member of the PA-28 family, all-metal, unpressurized, single-engine, piston-powered airplanes with low-mounted wings and tricycle landing gear; this plane is very popular and easy to fly.

Schweizer 300CBi

This two-seater trainer has evolved into a very stable, reliable and forgiving aircraft, making it an ideal learning platform. The Schweizer is used for both civil and military applications worldwide and is a very popular choice amongst flying schools.

Robinson R44 Raven II

Bearing a resemblance to the smaller R22, the piston engine powered four-seat Robinson R44 is much larger and is almost as long as a turbine Bell Jet Ranger. The R44 can carry up to three passengers and reach speeds of up to 130mph and a range of over 400 miles.

Eurocopter EC120

The French built Eurocopter EC120 was launched in 1998 and is a popular turbine helicopter with charter companies and private owners in mainland Europe. It is capable of 710 km in range with cruising speeds of up to 150 mph, comfortably carrying up to 5 people.


Give the gift of flying!

Looking for the perfect gift as a special present, business incentive or just for you? Then why not see Dorset and its spectacular surroundings from the ultimate vantage point whilst at the controls of an aeroplane or helicopter?
If you’re making a day of it, your friends and family can relax in the viewing and picnic area
Even airline pilots remember that first time they took the controls; it’s an unforgettable moment of a lifetime! Flying is exciting and a wonderful experience to give someone as a gift. Let your friend, colleague of loved one live the dream!

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