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Congratulations to Toby Ashfield for passing his PPL

Congratulations to Toby Ashfield (left) for recently passing his PPL skills test – a huge achievement! Toby is also now undertaking some further training to gain extra helicopter types on his licence.

The Private Pilot’s Licence enables you to fly as pilot in command for recreational purposes, and is the first stepping-stone along the road to commercial flying.

Gaining your PPL licence requires a minimum of 45 hours of flight time by following an approved course of training, consisting of 27 flight exercises covering everything from basic handling to navigation and emergencies.


Changes to medical requirements for PPL and NPPL holders coming soon

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced planned changes to medical requirements for PPL and NPPL holders to be introduced in late summer 2016. In most cases, these will bring cost and time savings for pilots and remove the need for GP or AME involvement. The changes will not apply to pilots with commercial licences or those displaying at airshows.

Under the changes, which will be published in a new version of the UK Air Navigation Order, pilots under age 70 will need to complete the CAA website form once, while pilots over 70 must confirm their declaration every three years.


Limited flight training offer

Come and do a PPL flight course with us! Buy the first 10 hours in full and upfront and receive the full PPL study pack with all study books, flight equipment, log book and many other items, worth £240.00 completely free*.

*This offer is for a limited period and Bliss reserve the right to withdraw it at any time.

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A personal account of a passionate flight enthusiast

James Wadsworth, 16, has always wanted to become a helicopter pilot. At the age of 14 he decided to make his dream a reality with the help of his supportive parents.

As soon as James was able to take his first lesson he did. Learning to fly was a reward from his parents for good performance at school. James says “I have loved helicopters since a very young age, one of my first words that was said was helicopter!”


“What a fantastic experience. Charles was a very professional instructor and made me feel at ease once I took the controls. Had a thoroughly enjoyable first flying lesson.”

A.S. via Facebook 2/6

“Awesome! My 13yr old autistic son, had a wonderful taster flying lesson with Charles while I sat in the back 🙂 It was fantastic.”

F.T. via Facebook 1/6

“I had a helicopter lesson just under 2 weeks ago and it was an amazing experience and was my first time flying one. One of the best experiences, and would definitely go back.”

V.M. via Facebook 17/3

“Andy and I had a fantastic flight today. Really appreciate the calm and professional manner of our instructor. Makes a great gift.”

S.M. via Facebook 15/2


Give the gift of flying!

Looking for the perfect gift as a special present, business incentive or just for you? Then why not see Dorset and its spectacular surroundings from the ultimate vantage point whilst at the controls of an aeroplane or helicopter?

Helicopter Vouchers Aeroplane Vouchers

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