Bliss Aviation – PPL Successes, Fly2Help, New Emergency Locator Transmitter Laws


PPL passes and achievements

Congratulations to Dimiter Nedialkov on successful completion of his Australian PPL-A to an EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority) PPL-A; Europe better watch out!

Congratulations to Sam Harrison and Cameron Stanford on successful completion of their PPL-H skills test.

Holding a PPL enables you to fly as a pilot for recreational purposes during daylight hours. The first step to embarking on gaining a PPL is to call in and visit us; here, we can discuss the course, you can take a look at our facilities and you may even wish to book your first trial lesson.

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Fly2Help visit Bliss

Our very own Rich Griffin showing support for Fly2Help.

Fly2help is an aviation charity dedicated to raising the spirits of people, young and old, living in difficult personal situations and inspiring young people as they consider their future lives. Founded by pilots, our Air Smiles Days and Aim High education programme take everything that is exhilarating about flying and uses it to do something extraordinary.

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Changes to Emergency Locator Transmitter use

As of 25 August 2016, EASA Air Operations Regulations came fully into effect. Prior to this only Commercial Air Operations, not training flights, would have to have an Emergency Locator Transmitter on board the aircraft, either in fixed format built into he aircraft or in the form of a PLB, a Personal Locator Beacon.

If in an emergency situation, the locator is activated a transmission is sent to an internationally recognised frequency, your position is logged and help is sent.

This new law now means that all flights, passenger or training or private need now to carry a Emergency Locator Transmitter; all our aircraft at Bliss now have one.

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Why not join the club?

The Bliss Club is associated with both Bliss Aviation – Aeroplanes and Bliss Aviation – Helicopters. Bliss Aviation Handling Ltd, the general aviation handling agents for the airport is also located here along with many private aircraft owners, making the Bliss Club a great mix of pilots and enthusiasts from all walks of life.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, relaxed atmosphere and the focal point for Bliss Aviation is the crew lounge – the perfect place to relax after a flight or to meet up with others.

We have a self briefing area with access to weather and flight planning information, a computer link to the control tower and also flight planning areas. Our operations staff are there to help with flight plans, customs forms, ATC liaison and general flight planning guidance.

We also regularly plan trips and events like our legendary summer barbecue and Christmas parties. Recent club trips have included the Met Office in Exeter and National Air Traffic Services at Swanwick.

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“DO IT! Came from Weymouth. I sat in the back while my mate flew. Had an amazing view of the Jurassic Coast, even flew over my mate’s house. Worth every penny. Top, 5 star firm, can’t wait to go again!!”

D.B. via Trip Advisor, Sept

“We had a double introductory flying lesson a couple of months ago; it was amazing! The instructor gave us as much control or not as we wanted, which was quite a bit, and even though it was just an introductory lesson, you felt you really learnt a lot, even in such a short space of time. Would definitely recommend and we intend to come back for our pilots license one day!”

A.W. via Facebook 15/9

“Having spent a lifetime flying around the world on business I got the chance to fly a plane as a 70th birthday treat from my wife. The experience was very well handled by Bliss, pilot was excellent and the teaching was clear and precise. Thanks to all.”

D.S. via Trip Advisor, Aug

“My other half, myself and our 9 year old loved it. Charles was professional, enthusiastic and keen to make the event special. I bought it as a birthday present and he was ecstatic. He got so much flying time whilst in the air. Fantastic – you have to try it!”

T.C. via Facebook 23/8


Give the gift of flying!

Looking for the perfect gift as a special present, business incentive or just for you? Then why not see Dorset and its spectacular surroundings from the ultimate vantage point whilst at the controls of an aeroplane or helicopter?

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