New Harbour Commissioners, Christmas Events & Saltmarsh Recharge Trial

New Harbour Commissioners

Lymington Harbour Commissioners are pleased to announce the appointment of two new Commissioners with effect from the 1st November 2016.

Tim Harford has worked in various finance and general management roles in Europe and Asia, and for the last 20 years until his retirement he held a number of global sales and business development positions. Tim kept a yacht in the Yacht Haven in the 1980’s and retired to Lymington in 2015. He is a member of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club, sails a Lymington Scow and is a keen cruiser sailor.

Jane Challener has lived in the area for most of her life and after many years of owning a Lymington quayside deli, she made a new career in information technology and mobile communications. Owning her own consultancy, Jane has managed programs developing leading edge technology products for the likes of Motorola, Vodafone and Deutsche Telecom. A passionate leisure sailor, Jane has been a Lymington River mooring holder for over 30 years.

The Commissioners are pleased to welcome Jane and Tim to the team and look forward to working with them to continue to develop the harbour for the benefit of users and the local community.

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Town Quay Redevelopment Proposals

Lymington Harbour Commissioners would like to thank all those that responded to the consultation on our proposals to redevelop the Town Quay area to meet the demand for more walk ashore visitor berths.

The eight week consultation period ended on the 25th September. An initial analysis shows there is strong support for the scheme. We will now take time to carefully consider the depth and range of responses before making a decision on whether any changes should be made to the proposed layout before obtaining a budget estimate on the final design.

Thereafter a fully costed business case will be developed which will inform a final decision on whether or not to proceed. If the scheme proceeds, then based on the latest budget forecast’s, work is likely to take place in Winter 2019/20.

We will continue to keep stakeholders updated through news articles on our website and through our eNewsletters. If you would like to be kept informed by newsletter please register by clicking HERE.

To download details of the original consultation please click HERE.

Santa at the Quay 2016

Festive celebrations on Lymington Town Quay will return for a fourth year running on Sunday 18th December, culminating in a very special guest arriving by boat!

There will be a choir singing carols from 3pm and then Santa arrives by boat at 4pm escorted by the Lymington RNLI and a flotilla of boats. There’s also a merry go round, music, arts and crafts and Christmas food stalls on the Quay from 1 pm. Ho Ho Ho!

Saltmarsh Recharge Trial Enters Final Season

In 2014, Lymington Harbour Commissioners were granted a marine licence to undertake a three year trial to beneficially use 19,380 tonnes of mud dredged from the river to recharge an intertidal area in a bay within ‘Boiler Marsh’ where the saltmarsh has been lost through erosion. To achieve this, dredging barges navigate close to the marsh where they directly discharge their loads. As this is instead of dumping at sea, there are no additional costs for disposal.

The plan is to create an unconfined intertidal reef within the bay that will provide shelter to the marsh from wave action or a source of sediment to feed the marsh in the immediate vicinity. It is hoped that by reducing the amount of wave energy reaching the marsh in this area, this will slow down erosion.

Following the placement of 2,380 tonnes of sediment in November 2014 and a further 6,900 tonnes in November 2015, work commenced in October to place the final 10,000 tonnes permitted for this trial. The photo below shows some of the mud placed.

Weather permitting, work is expected to be completed by the end of December. Thereafter the Commissioners will liaise with environmental regulators on the results of monitoring work to measure the changes in intertidal mud levels and the recolonisation of benthic invertebrates in the replenished areas. The picture below uses LIDAR imaging captured by the Environment Agency to show the increase in mud levels in the recharge area between November 2009 and near the end of the second recharge in November 2015.

Subject to the results of monitoring, it is hoped to apply for a long term licence to substantially increase the amount of mud that can be beneficially used in this way with the ambition of prolonging the life of the saltmarsh and delaying the need for some future phases of breakwater construction.

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