Strawberry Marketing – January News

Recent Projects

Safety Engagement pack

A Safety Engagement Pack for the National Grid, promoting safety and safe working practices within their LPG operating plants. It comprised a number of documents presented in a smart personalised package. A complex project for us lasting 14 months, and now delivered!
“The finished article looks outstanding” – National Grid

New Mobile Friendly Websites Go Live!

Is your website mobile friendly? Over half of all users now view websites on mobile devices… Consequently, the #1 search engine Google, started to significantly use mobile compatibility as a factor when ranking websites. That means it’s effecting your SEO! We offer website upgrades to a mobile friendly platform, or complete website rebuilds.

Social Media

Social Media is an essential part of promoting and spreading your business. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are the main platforms that we recommend to get started on.
For those that may not have the time to manage these systems, we offer weekly social media updates, on monthly or annual plans.


We all know the importance of search engine optimisation. We offer SEO on an hourly basis as and when you want it, and we monitor the success of each session using various search terms and analytics.




















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