Doyle Sails UK Launch New Website

We’re pleased to launch Doyle Sails new UK website, check it out to get your sailmaking needs sorted today.


Doyle Sails UK

Doyle Sailmakers is committed to innovation and the evolution of sensible sailmaking technology.

Utilizing the hydrodynamic design advances behind the famous winged keel of America’s Cup winner Australia II, Doyle Sailmakers was the first to apply the principle of Elliptical Aerodynamic Loading to sail shapes, leading to fast and efficient sails for Doyle’s racing customers.

Doyle’s continual advances in racing sails include Code Zero asymmetric spinnakers, the Doyle D4 fiber-membrane manufacturing process, and Stratis, the ultimate evolution of load-path, laid-fiber sails.

Doyle Sailmakers has brought a similarly high level of innovation to cruising sails, such as QuickSilver (the first radial-cut, roller-reefing genoa with a luff-flattening device), and StackPack and Cradle Cover (the first self-stowing mainsail handling system).

Moving into the future, Doyle Sailmakers is more committed than ever to developing better sails. But the most important point on our timeline is right now, when we are helping each Doyle customer get the very best out of their sails.







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