LHC Annual Meeting, Town Quay Mooring Reconfiguration Project, 2017 Annual Report & More

Town Quay Mooring Reconfiguration Project to Proceed

At their meeting on the 22nd January, Lymington Harbour Commissioners (LHC) took a decision to progress plans to redevelop the Town Quay mooring area to meet changing market requirements for more walk ashore visitor berths.

The policy to redevelop the Town Quay moorings was first incorporated into LHC’s strategic plan following extensive public consultation in 2010. As part of a further public consultation on an update to the strategic plan in 2015, initial proposals were brought forward. Having taken time to carefully consider the consultation feedback, in 2016 LHC consulted on a revised layout which received strong support. The revised layout responded to the request from commercial fishermen to improve the turning space available opposite the commercial quay and to relocate the commercial fishing boat berths to provide better segregation between commercial and leisure boat activities.

During 2017 the Commissioners have taken time to develop the proposals. This included further consultation which resulted in a modification to the southern end of the walk ashore pontoon in order to increase the available turning space for large vessels using the Berthon Boatyard.

The Commissioners believe that it is essential to reconfigure the visitor moorings in order to provide the type of mooring facilities expected by modern yachtsmen, and to allow Lymington Harbour to compare favourably with other Solent harbours in order to maintain and enhance the vibrancy of the Town Quay area as a tourist destination.

A conservative estimate is that the new proposals will generate an additional £1.1 million for the local economy in the first ten years.

The new proposals will:

  • Increase the number of visits to local shops, restaurants, pubs and the Saturday market.
  • Offer the unique prospect of holding major events at Town Quay that will appeal to event participants, local businesses, and local people.
  • Respond to the changing market demand for visitor walk ashore berths thus ensuring that the Town Quay area continues to be a vibrant and successful tourist destination. The proposal will more than double the number of walk ashore berths from 19 to 46.
  • Offer a choice between visitor walk ashore berths with power and water, and river moorings.
  • Improve safety by (amongst other things) widening the navigation fairway and enlarging the turning areas opposite the commercial quay and the Berthon boatyard.
  • Relocate the 17 commercial fishing boat berths upstream to pontoons located on the southern side of the railway bridge to be nearer the commercial quay and provide better segregation between commercial and leisure boat activities.
  • Relocate 43 resident small boat leisure berths to a new finger pontoon (25) or fore and aft moorings (18).
  • Relocate the commercial boat landing to be closer to the slipway thereby giving better visibility to potential customers of the services offered. The commercial landing will also be lengthened to accommodate two boats at the same time.

LHC will now apply for the statutory consents and permissions required. Subject to consents being achieved, work on the scheme will commence in November 2019 and will be completed by Easter 2020.

Delivering Customer Service

As part of LHC’s commitment to providing excellent customer service, all permanent members of our team have recently completed the British Marine ‘Welcome Afloat’ customer service training programme, leading to a City & Guilds Level 2 Award.

Developed specifically for the leisure marine industry through a working group led by British Marine and supported by Visit England, the course forms part of the world renowned ‘Welcome to Excellence’ initiative and is designed to help us offer a warm welcome and excellent customer service to all our customers.

Looking forward we are keen to learn more about how our customers feel we are doing. Later in the year we will be undertaking customer satisfaction surveys. By obtaining feedback on what we are doing well and where our customers feel we can improve, this will help us to improve the levels of service we provide.

Annual Public Meeting

21st March 2018 at the Fuller McLellan Hall, Lymington Community Centre
Starts at 7pm

Lymington Harbour Commissioners invites you to attend our Annual Open Evening.

The Open Meeting provides an opportunity for LHC board members to share with the public an update of the work carried out by the LHC on behalf of river users, an update of LHC financials and an opportunity to outline any LHC future planning.

We would welcome questions from the public on any aspect of the workings of LHC. To ensure that questions are addressed appropriately we ask you to submit them ahead of the meeting using the link provided below (before the 12th March 2018).

2017 Annual Report

Our 2017 Annual Report is now available and what a year it has been!

As well as continuing to work on the Town Quay project mentioned above, we have successfully applied for a new licence authorising the beneficial use of up to 80,000 tonnes of mud dredged from the river by 2024. We hope that by placing this mud along the Solent facing edge of the marsh where wave erosion causes most marsh loss, this will slow marsh loss and defer future breakwater construction.

There was a 3.6% increase in the number of visiting boats in the 2017 calendar year. This followed a 5.4% increase the previous year. Given the weather was not as good this year, we believe this was a good result possibly helped by a new initiative to promote Lymington Harbour as the destination of choice for visiting yachts.

It’s also been a good year for river safety with a significant fall in the number of reported safety incidents in the year.

2018 Harbour Guide

Our 2018 Harbour Guide is now available, featuring everything you need to now about our facilities and services.

  • Visitor Berths & Moorings
  • Showers & Toilets
  • Slipway
  • Scrubbing Grids
  • Landings
  • WiFi
  • Electricity
  • Safety Dos and Don’ts
  • Harbour Charges
  • Tide Tables

Printed copies are available from the Harbour Office.

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