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What We Do

On Saturday 2nd September 2017 Jens Voigt will return for the fifth running of the “Shut Up Legs” charity ride in aid of the Epilepsy Society.
Following the success of the last four years that have raised over £21000 Jens has agreed with ride organizer Stuart Grace (GA Cycles) to return to the picturesque New Forest to do the event again.

Ride organizer and local fundraiser Stuart is the father of Amy, who has suffered with Epilepsy, ADHD and learning disabilities for over 17 years, and has a relative receiving care at the hospice.

Throughout their long-standing friendship with Jens, Stuart and Amy have received incredibly generous support. After last years event Jens said “After a great start to our charity event in 2013 we want this to happen again, and with Amy raise money for the two charity organisations in 2015.”

History of this event

2017 Ride…. In September Jens Voigt returned to the New Forest for the fifth time to raise money for the Epilepsy Society, and on a warm sunny day 120 riders left the HQ to ride the 52 miles around the picturesque country side.
We had riders from the USA, Canada and France in 2017 and with the rides popularity and relaxed atmosphere we hope to continue with our efforts.

On returning to the HQ Jens quickly showered and spent over two hours doing a Q&A in the hall, but soon the day was coming to a close and after the obligatory selfies and signing of items we had to say goodbye. For Jens the weekend was not over…..there was a time trial the following day and despite the wind and rain we travelled to Lyndhurst to compete in the Crabwood CC event on the P164. His first ride was with Mary Corbett tandem ( Sotonia CC ) who has ME and was raising money for her charity, after finishing he returned to the car park and mounted his Trek road bike to ride a 2up with a local rider who won the opportunity to ride with him. Before long we were off to the airport so Jens could return to his family in Berlin. So if you want to meet and ride with one of the top super domestiques come along on September 8th.


“Shut Up Legs! Is the way all superstar sportives should be; intimate, equal, leisurely and conversational. 50 miles at Saturday club run pace through
the pretty tourist villages of Sway and Burley saw the ride winding its way over heath and through meandering and ponies.”

~ David Harmonn

“I did wonder if anyone would think the £100 I was asking for would be too much and people wouldn’t come.
I’ve spent most of my adult life raising money for charity, my daughter suffers from epilepsy and learning difficulties and I’ve worked so hard to make this happen to raise money to help others like her”

~ Stuart Grace

“There are short sharp hills to test the mettle but the big draw is the scenery and the tremendous state of the roads. Certainly, compared to those of the Ladies of the Lakes and
Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford or even my home county of Shropshire, the roads that played host the Shut Up Legs! are the deep, shag pile carpet of the sportive world.”

~ David Harmonn

To join the ride please visit our website or go straight to the Just Giving page

Stuart Grace
Hoburne Bashley
Sway Road
New Milton
BH25 5QR

Contact at: [email protected]

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