HS Consult Offering Unique Insights

Having a website, or a page of your website, that you can make updates to yourself can be a very handy tool, and can save you money in the long run if you make them often enough. It’s also great for your clients to see fresh content that may be of interest to them, not to mention the benefits of SEO by adding new, fresh and relevant content… after all, content is king!

This is what we did for HS Consult. Helen wanted a page that she could post content to herself, giving unique insights to her clients.


About HS Consult

HS Consulting is Helen Squibb – whose extensive experience in global mobility management enables her to work with clients to ensure that they have workable HR solutions for their globally mobile employees.

Whether an organisation is starting out with their first assignments or have an established programme – HS Consulting can help. Helen’s expertise in advising and managing on the complex issues surrounding global mobility enables her to provide tailored solutions to company’s mobility challenges – and without the overheads of a large professional services firm.

Since 1992 Helen has worked both “in-house” and as an external consultant on all aspects of global mobility. In 2002 Helen set up as an independent consultant specialising in this field and works with a wide variety of clients from different industry groups.

To find out more about how HS Consulting could help your global mobility challenges or for further information or advice please call (+44 (0)7786 443902) or email Helen.

[email protected]

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