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Harbour Commissioner Wanted

Lymington Harbour is a trust port managed by an independent board of nine Commissioners plus the Harbour Master/Chief Executive Officer.

The Commissioners are seeking to appoint a new Harbour Commissioner to start on the 1st November, 2018. Applications are invited from enthusiastic candidates with recent experience of commercial ferry or port operations including serving or recently retired Master Mariners or Harbour Masters.

The harbour is a valuable community asset and if you would like to play a part in shaping its future for existing stakeholders and succeeding generations we would love to hear from you.

March Annual Public Meeting Report

Lymington Harbour Commission’s annual public meeting was held on Wednesday 21st March at Lymington Community Centre. The meeting was attended by harbour users, other interested parties, the Chairman of the Harbour Advisory Committee and Commissioners.

Chairman Richard Jenner introduced the meeting. This was followed by a presentation from Harbour Master & Chief Executive Ryan Willegers covering progress on the objectives from LHC’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, a summary of financial performance for the previous financial year, conservation and environmental work, and a summary of stakeholder benefits delivered by the harbour in 2017. Andrew Wilkes Chairman of the Lymington Harbour Advisory Group (LHAG) then gave a presentation on the role of LHAG.

Safety & Security

The Harbour Master emphasised that LHC’s overriding objective is to maintain an open and safe harbour for commercial and leisure users and explained how harbour patrols, information, and regulation all play a part in achieving this. He also highlighted that the Commissioners had invested in a new Harbour Patrol RIB and CCTV for the harbour in 2017.

Business Development & Communications

The Harbour Master gave an update on progress towards the key strategic objective of improving marketing and promotion of the harbour and our communication with stakeholders. The presentation included details on the 2017 ‘Visit Lymington Harbour’ marketing campaign which highlighted the attractions of the harbour, town and surrounding area and promotions run in partnership with local businesses providing discounts on dining and leisure activities to crews on visiting boats using LHC’s moorings. Both promotions are being repeated for 2018.

Town Quay Visitor Mooring Project

Following extensive public consultation, the Commissioners took a decision in January 2018 to progress the project to reconfigure the Town Quay mooring area to respond to the demand for bookable walk ashore moorings. The Harbour Master explained the benefits for the Harbour and Town tourism that this project will bring.

Conservation and Environment

The Harbour Master highlighted LHC’s successful application to renew the maintenance dredging disposal licence until 2024 which also authorises the beneficial use of up to 80,000 tonnes of material at Boiler Marsh. LHC were also working with the Solent Forum and other local harbours on the Solent Forum’s ‘BUDS’ initiative to look for other opportunities to beneficially used dredged mud in the Solent.

Stakeholder Benefits

As a not for profit Trust Port, any financial surplus LHC make is reinvested back into the development of the harbour and its operation for the benefit of its users and the community. However, each year the Commissioners also support a number of local charitable or community initiatives. The Harbour Master highlighted the support provided in 2017.

Lymington Harbour Advisory Group (LHAG)

Andrew Wilkes (Chairman – LHAG) presented on the role of the Harbour Advisory Group in representing stakeholders interests and gave details on areas where LHAG had provided feedback to LHC consultations or asked Commissioners to look at particular matters. A significant area of input in recent years related to the consultations on the Town Quay visitor mooring project.

Q & A

At the end of the meeting there was a question and answer session where questions were asked on matters including:

  • The effect of the Town Quay visitor mooring project on:- the number of temporary mooring lets (will reduce); annual mooring licences (no change); car parking at Town Quay (no change expected – LHC management measures can influence); and the relocation of ‘resident’ boats (explained by reference to the consultation plan).
  • The Commissioners were asked to consider instalment payments for higher priced resident moorings (to be considered).
  • A question was asked whether LHC had considered requiring resident annual mooring licence holders displaced to facilitate winter dredging operations to find moorings/dry storage elsewhere instead of the existing practice of relocating to unused visitor or resident moorings until their moorings were reinstated. It was proposed that this would allow new winter resident mooring licences to be issued instead. The Harbour Master explained that this idea had previously been raised in 2010 during LHC’s public consultations on the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan. At that time both the Harbour Advisory Group (representing stakeholders) and the Commissioners did not support the proposal as they were concerned about the fairness and affordability of requiring mooring holders to find alternative berthing or dry storage accommodation each time their mooring area was dredged.

Ocean Brothers Come Home

Guinness World Record breaking Jude Massey and Greg Bailey, the Ocean Brothers, have arrived back home in Lymington following their Atlantic rowing crossing. Despite cold and rainy conditions, they were followed up the Lymington River by a flotilla of boats and welcomed ashore by hundreds of supporters and well-wishers, all celebrating the brothers’ success in rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Jude is now the youngest person to have rowed any ocean in a pair.

The brothers rowed the Atlantic Ocean unsupported to raise money for the British Skin Foundation to fund vital skin cancer research, and in memory of Jude’s father (Greg’s step-father) Pete Massey, who lost his 16 year battle with skin cancer two years ago. So far the pair have raised a monumental £92,000 towards their £100,000 goal.

Greg and Jude were brought back to Southampton by P&O Cruises on Britannia, enabling them to spend time recovering from their 53 day voyage.

Lymington Harbour Commissioners supported Greg and Jude by providing free launching and mooring during their training for the event.

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