Nick Bird’s Departure and James Wadsworth Joins the Team Full Time

Nick Bird Departs and James Wadsworth Joins the Team Full Time

Nick has been with the company for 8 years but has always dreamed of flying commercially, having gained a helicopter and aeroplane PPL over the years. Due to the huge demand for pilots there has never been a better time to train, so Nick decided now was the time to take the next step in fulfilling his goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

Even though an airline has not offered any employment yet, the future looks very promising once Nick has achieved his Commercial Pilots Licence. Nick will start with a set of written exams and then go on to complete the practical flying training. Nick has already begun this process and is enjoying it tremendously.

James has worked with us for many years as a part-time member of the team and also has completed his helicopter PPL. It seemed only natural for James to join the team as a full-time member.

Here’s what James had to say:

“I have been involved with Bliss for over 9 years now, as I have been learning to fly since I was 9. With a trial lesson in 2009, my passion for aviation rocketed, I completed my PPL (helicopter) just one week after my 17th birthday, making me one of the youngest helicopter pilots in Europe at the time. Since, I have gone on to complete my R44 type rating whilst I’m building hours with the vision to complete my CPL in a couple of years.”


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