Solent Shallows offers yachtsmen detailed photographs of the many hazards around The Solent and The Isle of Wight.

Offers a great visual
   reference to existing

Photographs can be
   selected by area

Regularly updated to keep
   abreast of sandbank

This FREE web service is essential for anybody competing in yacht races around the Isle of Wight. It offers unrivalled visual references of the shallow areas that you may need to navigate. The Charts are not always right but the pictures are!
Solent Shallows allows you to navigate the Solent more precisely, using photographic markers to understand hazards, allowing you to maximise the faster course.
These pictures are taken at Spring Low Water so some may be around dusk. The pictures shown are low resolution, but the high resolution versions show great detail. They are available on CD at a nominal price.
Price: £8.50
including VAT & UK postage
Click the desired area of the map to see the relevant images
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